Tiles, stones and renovations – Top tips for 2017

Tiles, stones and renovations – Top tips for 2017

It’s often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then natural stone should be blushing from all the attention!


The Year of the Copycat

Yes, it looks as though 2017 is shaping up to be the Year of the Copycat! Many of the latest tile trends are imitations, mostly of natural materials or other widely-used surfaces. Ideal for renovation projects, keep your eyes peeled for imitation:

Stone lookalike tiles – made from porcelain – were our best seller in 2016, and we’re expecting things to continue on a similar tangent this year.

And in a trend-bucking reversal, there are even porcelain tiles coming onto the market deigned to look like patterned carpet tiles…

So watch this space!


Imitation tiles make for successful renovations

Crazy patterns aside, copies – particularly natural ones made from porcelain – are useful if you’re a designer or architect for renovations projects.

They’ll help you:

  • Deliver the right look.
  • Keep within tight budgets.

And remember, as porcelain tiles are hard wearing, involve little maintenance and are more cost-effective than the surface they’re imitating, they deliver fantastic value all round.


But what about 2017 compliance?

Globally, tile manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of slip-resistance regulations, which is good news for everyone who works on renovations.

  • You’ll find it easier to source designer tiles with performance characteristics that meet UK regulations.
  • As a result, ticking the compliance box on your renovation project shouldn’t turn into a headache.


And when it comes to implementation…

As ever, the key to successful implementation lies in the preparation. A job well planned is a job half done!

However, forward planning presents a particular challenge for the renovation market (when compared, for example, to the new build market). This means that emergency situations on site often become all too common.

  • For example, areas that the contractor didn’t plan to alter from the outset need to be renovated.
  • Plus, you’re more likely to encounter situations where damage caused by work being carried out – burst pipes is a classic example – means that floors need replacing.

In either scenario, you’ll need new tiles fast.


… Our short lead times and extensive range helps you deliver

We specialise in helping architects and designers that focus on renovations projects.

  • Not only do we deliver our extensive, eclectic range of tiles with short lead times.
  • We work with you and the contractor to source the exact product to meet your aesthetic and technical specifications.

Browse our amazing range of tiles or get in touch with your requirements.

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