Should you choose white porcelain tiles for your garden makeover?

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Should you choose white porcelain tiles for your garden makeover?

White patio tiles have been a popular choice for many years and continue to be a popular trend in garden design. They are considered a timeless classic that never goes out of style. The crisp, clean look of white patio tiles can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space. White patio tiles are a popular and on-trend choice for garden design. Are they the right choice for your garden makeover?

Choosing the right colour tile for your garden

Like most of our customers, you’ll have your list of ideas about how you want your  ultimate garden makeover to look.

When it comes to crunch time, getting quotes and understanding a little bit more about what ‘may work’ for your garden, you’ll find yourself facing a host of tough choices. Your garden makeover is an investment and you want to ensure the decisions you make now will help you make the most of your garden for years to come.

You’ve seen the pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and in magazines of patios you’d dream of one day owning.

The benefits of choosing White Porcelain Tiles

Many homeowners are making the choice of porcelain paving compared to traditional stone for their garden makeovers. White porcelain patio tiles are on trend and can transform any garden space. Are they the right colour choice of porcelain paving slab for your garden makeover?

Your selection of patio tile colour is a key element in the development of your outdoor garden space for a variety of reasons.

Struggling to decide on whether to use light or darker tiles for your patio? Here are a few key benefits of choosing white tiles:

  1. Brightness and light reflection: It sounds obvious to say, ‘White porcelain patio tiles are brighter’ but let’s dig a little deeper. White porcelain tiles have a high level of reflectivity, which can help to brighten up a garden space and make your entire garden feel more open and airy. This is especially useful for smaller gardens, especially in townhouses, cities and built up areas, or for spaces that receive limited natural light.
  2. Visually appeal: White porcelain paving tiles have a clean and crisp look, which can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your garden. They can also create a sense of continuity and cohesiveness, helping to tie different elements (your lawn and outbuildings as an example) of your garden together.
  3. Versatility: White porcelain tiles can be used in a variety of different garden styles, from traditional to modern. White tiles can also be combined with a wide range of other materials (consider the grout used to give your patio even greater visual appeal) and colours, making them a versatile choice for your garden design.
  4. Easy maintenance: White porcelain patio tiles are easy to clean and maintain, which is especially important when you’re hosting barbecues in the summer or playing with the children. Specifically, porcelain tiles are also resistant to stains, fading, and weathering, ensuring they will last for many years.
  5. Cooling effect: Ever stood on darker stone in the summer? White tiles can help to reflect heat and light, which can help to keep your garden space cooler during the summer months. Whilst you won’t have that sizzling sensation at your feet you’d expect in the Mediterranean, choosing white tiles can make sure your feet don’t melt under the midday sun.

Whilst the choice of colour for your patio tiles will come down to a wider variety of reasons including maintenance and longevity, white patio tiles will provide brightness and light reflection, visually appeal, versatility, easy maintenance, and a much needed cooling effect in the summer months (when you’d expect to be making most use out of your new patio!).

White patio tiles are a great choice for any garden design and will last for many years with proper care.

View our Cemento range for an example of a white porcelain patio tile that could transform your garden for years to come.

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