The weather outside is frightful…. Tiles to keep your customers’ toes warm

The weather outside is frightful…. Tiles to keep your customers’ toes warm

Brrrr! It’s getting chilly out there! There’s nothing like stepping into your (hotel or residential) bathroom and feeling the warmth creep into your body from the soles of your feet. And now, thanks to the beauty of underfloor heating, it’s something that we’re all able to experience on a regular basis.

But how do you choose the right material for keeping your customers’ feet warm?

The thermal conductivity factor

If you’re looking for a tile to use with underfloor heating, the main factor you need to consider is its thermal conductivity. In other words, how quickly and efficiently will the material transfer heat to the floor surface?

Tiles with good thermal conductivity:

  • Heat up quickly.
  • Give out more heat.
  • Are more efficient to heat.

Less (thickness) means more (heat)

You’d normally associate thickness (of clothing, for example) with keeping warmer. But the opposite applies when it comes to tiles.

All types of tile and stone can be used for underfloor heating. However, porcelain or thin stone are the most effective, as they heat up fast. While thicker stones and marble also have good thermal conductivity, they’re generally slower to heat. In fact, we’d recommend a maximum thickness of 20mm if you’re going for a highly responsive system.

Once heated, thicker tiles will stay warm for longer, of course. But the time it takes to get them that way makes them a less effective (and less sustainable) option.

And the winner is…

If there’s one material that really outperforms the rest when it comes to underfloor heating, it would have to be perfect porcelain.

Porcelain tiles can be heated to up to 29°C or more, giving a high heat output of up to 200W/m².

And not only do they heat up fast. They have a smooth, warm texture that makes them safe and comfortable to stand on with bare feet.

As ever, porcelain is a winner in our eyes! Is there anything it can’t do?!

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