Sandstone or granite? Let us help you decide

Sandstone or granite? Let us help you decide

It’s a bit like being stuck between a rock and a hard place! Should you opt for sandstone on your latest building masonry or paving project? Or would granite be a better choice?

But if you’re struggling to make a decision, never fear … help – in the form of our latest blog post – is at hand.

Do your geology homework

As an architect or a designer, it’s natural to focus on aesthetics. But, before you get too hung up on one look or another, you need to ensure that the material you’re considering will fit in with its surroundings.

For a relatively small country, the UK has an incredibly varied geological makeup, as this useful map illustrates. It’s mindboggling that we have so many different types of rocks and the map is interesting in its own right.

However, it’s also helpful if you’re trying to resolve the sandstone versus granite conundrum. In a nutshell:

  • If you’re working on a building masonry project in Yorkshire, sandstone is the main option.
  • But for paving, sandstone is popular and prolific all over the country – for example, much of London has been paved in Yorkstone sandstone for hundreds of years.
  • Incredibly hard, granite is used in building masonry projects where it was originally quarried – see the red and pink areas of the map, notably Aberdeen and Cornwall.
  • It’s also popular for kerbs and setts, especially in London.
  • And if you have the freedom that comes with a domestic paving project, imported sandstones and granite are both brilliant.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer

Do you remember being told at school that sometimes there is no right or wrong answer? It’s frustrating. But genuinely, when it comes to the toss-up between sandstone and granite, there are advantages and disadvantages to using both materials.

All you can do is be aware of the full picture and make an informed decision.

  • Granite is harder, longer-lasting and easier to clean.
  • But it’s incredibly difficult to carve, making it a less obvious option for building masonry projects where heritage isn’t a consideration.
  • Sandstone is easier to work with and still widely produced in the UK.
  • Plus, it’s available in an amazing variety of tones, from vibrant yellows to deep reds.

Ultimately, both are strong choices for building masonry and paving projects.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help

Finally – to complete the education analogy – there’s no shame in asking for help!

  • We have extensive experience in sourcing and delivering both sandstone and granite for all kinds of outdoor projects.
  • And we’re always on hand to offer our impartial and informed advice to help you make the right decision for your project.

There are so many reasons that a stone may or may not be suitable. Simply pick up the phone. We’ll make sure you are no longer stuck between a rock and hard place.


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