Budgeting Your Garden Makeover: What’s The Cost of Good Quality Porcelain Paving?

Budgeting Your Garden Makeover: What’s The Cost of Good Quality Porcelain Paving?

Here at Caledonian Stone, we have a wide variety of different Porcelain Paving options for your new garden project or makeover. From our sophisticated Coperto range to our chic, statement, Boston Beige. We have many options to suit your needs and to meet the price point of any project.


There are many factors to consider when it comes to the total costs of any outdoor landscaping project. When the Summer months begin rolling in and the nicer weather finally making its comeback, there is no better time to start your new patio renovation. We offer 2 different categories within our Porcelain Paving range – our stock range and our premium range. Both options boast many of our best selling and popular porcelain paving options however dependent upon budget, style, area size and many other factors we will go over in this post – the cost of your new project can vary.

How much should I budget for my porcelain paving garden makeover?

When looking at porcelain for your next project, you may have seen a wide range of prices available anywhere from £25 per m² to £80 per m². Our porcelain is sourced from Europe so that we can offer a higher level of quality whereas porcelain shipped from somewhere in Asia may be cheaper but the quality may be lacking and ultimately not be as durable or last as long. Our porcelain stock range products range from £35 per m² to £50 per m².

At Caledonian Stone our porcelain paving is of a higher and more luxurious quality compared to your traditional stone paving. Porcelain is a material that is incredibly hardwearing and will look the part for many years to come!

Porcelain itself is known as a superior material for its common usage all around the world. It is produced by combining sand, clay and a few other materials which are then placed into a kiln at very high temperatures to create the highly durable and non-porous slabs. Due to its resilience and long lasting properties, porcelain is thought of as a more expensive paving choice for your outdoor patio but in the last few years Natural Stone paving shipping costs have more than doubled meaning there has been an increase in the cost as a whole of Natural Indian Sand Stone. When considering porcelains low maintenance and longevity – the benefits are clear.

How do I figure out the total cost for my porcelain paving garden makeover?

Our paving cost is measured in square meters (m²) and we have a handy tool on our website that will generate a rough estimate of cost by simply inputting the measurements of your area, then a calculation of how many slabs in that particular style and size are required for your full project, will be generated. This can be helpful in the planning stages of your project. Other costs on top of the paving itself, such as delivery and extra material for offcuts and potential damages should also be factored in at this stage.

This table shows the difference in price per area and how much it will cost overall using our Waverly stock range porcelain which is £43.86 m².

This table shows the difference in price per area and how much it will cost overall using our Veloce premium range porcelain which is £67.97 m².

What are the costs for porcelain paving installation?

A large cost factor when considering your new patio is whether to undergo the task yourself or leave it up to a professional like a garden designer or landscaper. Often these type of tradespeople will manage your project from start to finish and oversee every aspect from design to the labour required. When using porcelain for a paved area, we do recommend a professional deals with the handling and fitting. Despite being hardwearing, porcelain can be fragile if not handled correctly and ultimately you won’t get the full benefits if the installation isn’t done to a high standard. Installation and the subbase can be from around 60-80% of the total cost of your project.

We work with many trusted landscapers and designers here at Caledonian Stone so why not get in touch with our experts for some more information on who to trust with your project!

Are there any other costs to consider when using porcelain paving?

When undertaking any garden landscaping project – there are a few other cost factors to consider which will vary from project to project such as –

  • Area to be covered
  • Labour required
  • If there is any excavation to be carried out & removal costs
  • Whether steps are to be covered
  • If there is a turfed area to work around
  • Area of the country
  • Drainage

All of these factors should be considered in the planning stages and can impact the final cost of the project. Keep an eye on our page for part 2 to this blog which will go into more detail about the specifics that will impact the final cost of your project with more detail on everything from installation costs to the tools & materials required.

We have an extensive Porcelain Paving range here at Caledonian Stone, check out our full range and order your free sample now.

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