Need patio paving that’s smooth and anti-slip?

Need patio paving that’s smooth and anti-slip?


  • A slick, contemporary look in keeping with the latest design trends.
  • Public areas where the risk of trips and falls has to be minimal.
  • Surfaces where children can ride bikes easily.
  • Outdoor eating areas where the chairs and tables don’t rock on uneven ground.

As this by no means exhaustive list suggests, most paving projects require tiles that are both smooth and anti-slip.

And while concrete and Indian riven sandstone are popular choices – mainly due to their low cost – if your project needs to deliver on aesthetics, too, we’ve got a few options to get you excited.


Pick porcelain for perfect patio paving

It may be a relative newcomer to the patio scene. But porcelain delivers an ideal solution for commercial and residential paving projects. In fact, the look you’ll create is very much in keeping with the large, smooth slabs that are dominating patio design today.

Combining strength, durability and ease of maintenance with stain, chemical and frost resistance, porcelain paving is a great all-rounder. Plus, if you’re working on a commercial project, it will help you meet anti-slip compliance regulations.

  • Porcelain is available in a huge variety of colours and patterns, meaning it’s simple to find the right tile for your project.
  • What’s more, its low water absorption rate (just 0.04%) minimises the risk of moss or algae growth.

Discover our perfect porcelain paving >

Flamed granite and honed sandstone also work well

And porcelain isn’t the only option to create pristine patio paving. Flamed granite and honed sandstone are also strong contenders.

  • Available in a range of shades from pink and yellow to grey and silver, our flamed granite delivers excellent slip resistance.
  • Granite is also a very strong stone and is visually a beautiful natural material.
  • Workable and durable, our honed sandstone is also a good option as a smooth, slip-resistant tile and has lovely natural tones.

We’ll help you find a smooth solution

Remember, we have years of experience, sourcing and advising on tiles for paving projects. And we’ll work with you to find the perfect paving for your patio.

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