New Home Trends – Porcelain Paving

Patio with porcelain paving - New home trends

New Home Trends – Porcelain Paving

New home trends-Porcelain Paving

There is a growing trend for open plan living spaces such as combining a living and dining room this often leads to a patio or outside space. Homeowners often want a seamless look which is difficult to achieve with natural stone and tiles. This is why porcelain paving has become so popular it gives endless options and finishes and it is also very durable.

Porcelain started off in central Europe but has quickly found its place as an up and coming favourite with British homeowners. It is able to marry the interior and exterior perfectly creating a space that has a harmony between the inside and out.

Porcelain is thriving due to this new indoor/outdoor trend as natural stone is only really suitable for the outdoors. It provides a fantastic alternative to existing products and due to its strength and versatility, it can bring a new dimension in terms of design and can create a beautiful contemporary feel.


Porcelain PavingPorcelain Paving


Not only does porcelain look amazing it also has other beneficial properties. The way it is manufactured and the materials used mean it is very strong and much lighter than natural stone. It is pressed in a raw state and heated at a very high temperature which makes it highly dense and consistent. It avoids all of the imperfections that you may find with natural stone.

Another benefit to using porcelain is the installation. It does not require sealing and once it is installed it is pretty much maintenance-free. It is highly resistant to scratches and is also frost proof. Porcelain is a fantastic long-term option and is considerably cheaper than natural stones and wood flooring/decking.

Natural stone is often limited in slab sizes, another benefit to porcelain is its versatility. You are able to have a range of sizes.  This means the homeowner can decide to go for larger slabs which would mean fewer joints on show creating a sleeker more seamless finish.

There are many more reasons to choose porcelain paving for your next project and we are happy to discuss in detail any questions you may have.

Here at Caledonian stone, we have a range of porcelain products available in a variety of shades and finishes further showcasing its versatility. Take a look at the full range here.

Wood effect porcelainPorcelain Paving

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