How To Keep Your Outdoor Paving Free From Moss & Algae

How To Keep Your Outdoor Paving Free From Moss & Algae

One of the main attractions of porcelain paving is its minimal maintenance. No sealing or finishing products are required to keep your patio looking brand new. The combination of clay, sand and other minerals used which are baked in a kiln at very high temperatures to make the finished pavers non-porous and durable. Meaning little to no maintenance is required!

How do I keep porcelain tiles looking new?

To keep your patio looking brand new all year round, some light cleaning will be required, though not necessary. Porcelain is a very hard wearing paving option and is resilient to rain, ice, snow and sun staining. Though, with these extreme conditions comes the growth of moss and algae, especially if you have a turfed area or trees around your patio. Moss grows by dispersing its spores with the help of rain, wind and insects. It’s inevitable growth may sound daunting but its very simple to remove from your porcelain patio and restore it back to its newly laid glory.

How do I remove moss and algae from my patio?

The Clenay Moss & Algae cleaner is a tried, tested and true solution to any moss & algae problem. The formula itself is all natural and environmentally friendly, so can be applied safely without having to worry about pets or young children being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Moss & Algae Cleaner


Will the moss cleaning solution damage my garden?

It is also 100% biodegradable so there is no damage to your garden and any plants or insects that might’ve made home there. The solution is also pleasant in scent so no harsh chemical smells.

How do I use the moss and algae cleaning solution?

To apply the concentrated product, simple use the handy dispensing bottle which reduces waste, to dispense the correct volume into a spray bottle or your watering can for larger areas and dilute with the ratio of 1 part solution to 10 parts water. We recommend ensuring there is no debris on the area before application and ensuring no rain is forecast for 12 hours after application.

Simply spray or sprinkle your mixture over the paving and leave it to do its magic. The solution will get to work straight away removing the moss and algae and results can be seen in as little as one week.

Before Moss & Algae CleanerAfter Moss & Algae Cleaner

Clenay moss and algae cleaner from Caledonian Stone gets to work quickly and continues to work to keep your patio clean for months with its powerful, natural, residual cleaning properties. Just spray and let nature do the rest.

For more information on this product or to purchase it click this link.

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