Landscape projects with the wow factor – Tips for impressing your clients

Landscape projects with the wow factor – Tips for impressing your clients

As a landscape designer, you have the power to create truly memorable projects that stand the test of time. Follow our tips and you’ll impress your clients with your landscape design strategy, adding the wow factor to every project you work on.

Focus on focal points

When it comes to effective landscape design, every project should contain at least one focal point. Done right, a focal point will draw the eye, engage your client’s attention and adding to the overall experience. And that’s the case whether your project is a residential garden, a commercial space or a public playground.

  • Depending on the overall aim of your project, your focal points could either contrast slightly or significantly from the rest of the landscape in terms of shape, texture or colour.
  • Trees or statues are often used for this purpose – but we think that pebbles and cobbles work brilliantly.

Go for stand out, not stick out

Focal points may fit in with natural surroundings or deliver something completely different. Either way, it’s important that they stand out rather than stick out.

  • In other words, your focal points should be connected with the rest of the landscape – and not at odds with it.
  • For example, this connection could be provided by a repeated style, shape or colour.

More and more landscapers are choosing porcelain paving for their projects to help them stand out – find out why in the linked blog.

Don’t neglect the bigger picture

It’s easy to get carried away with the intricacies of design at the expense of practicalities. But, in reality, how pleased will your client be if they’re constantly having to maintain a symmetrical look by trimming and pruning?

  • Stones, pebbles and cobbles are engaging and long-living – with very little maintenance required.
  • Plus, when you choose plants as focal points, you run the risk that they’ll need replacing.

Do your research for inspiration

It’s always worth doing your research. There are plenty of amazing websites that showcase spectacular landscaping projects. But there’s nothing like seeing something in person.

  • We’re particularly proud of our golden path gravel on Pall Mall and our Ardownie black chippings below the Emirates model at Heathrow, both shown here.
  • Or, if you’re working on a residential project, our [please insert details regarding any of these water features on the gallery page and we will replace this image with the relevant image].

Get in touch and stun your client on your next landscape project.

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