Key considerations when sourcing a porcelain tiles supplier (to ensure your project stays on track)

Key considerations when sourcing a porcelain tiles supplier (to ensure your project stays on track)

It’s essential that every project you complete is on time and within budget. However, it can be difficult to hit your deadlines when it comes to navigating your way around the world of porcelain.

There are hundreds-upon-thousands of different porcelain tiles available on the market, which means finding the right tile that’ll deliver in the technical and design stakes isn’t always necessarily quick or easy.

Having such a wide range of porcelain available to you doesn’t have to be a headache or hindrance. Not if you call on the expertise of the right type of porcelain supplier

For instance, does your supplier have a large collection of porcelain tiles? While it may be great that they offer such an extensive range, it takes much more time (time you don’t have) and effort to sift through them, doesn’t it? Choosing a supplier who offers more of a focused range means you’re more likely to find what you need much faster because they know their tiles more intimately.

Unfortunately, all porcelains aren’t created equal. Cheaper options tend to be more brittle and unpredictable to work with, which leads to higher breakage rates, more waste and frustrated tilers. However, paying closer attention to lead times can help you differentiate between the cheaper and better quality tiles on the market.

Generally speaking, longer lead times indicate that the supply’s coming from cheap manufacturers who are further afield and whose environmental and quality records tend to be questionable. Our range is solely sourced from Europe, which means the vast majority of the tiles are available within two weeks of being ordered.

Another key factor you can’t afford to ignore is service. Yes, we all expect good customer service as standard, but how dedicated is your porcelain supplier to helping you find exactly what you need? Do they take the time to understand your requirements and challenges?

And do they provide you with a supportive and consultative service? Ideally, your supplier should ask you for details of your project, that way, they can ensure they supply you with what you actually need as opposed to what you asked for.

Sourcing the right porcelain tiles for the brief at hand may seem like an impossible feat at times, but it’s a task that can be incredibly efficient, cost effective and straightforward with insight and support from the right porcelain supplier.

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