Create an Inside to Outside Flow with Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Create an Inside to Outside Flow with Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Continuous tiling flowing from indoors out onto a terrace, patio or other outdoor space can create a truly cohesive look for your next landscaping project.

Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Bringing the outdoors in and taking the indoors outside has been on trend for some time, and with the growth in popularity of bi-fold doors, along with open-plan living areas, it’s now a key factor of home and garden design.

Previously, connecting the two spaces has been tricky for designers and landscapers, as flooring has been hard to match between interior and exterior products. Natural stone can look good, but is hard to keep clean, especially in a kitchen area where spills and stains are par for the course.

But that’s the beauty of Caledonian Stone’s porcelain tiling range. 

Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Now you can coordinate your flooring choices so that there’s a wonderful flow between the interior and the outside space. Where there are bi-fold doors with low threshold and no frame, the flooring truly offers a seamless integration between indoors and outdoors. This flow creates the illusion of space, making both interior and exterior spaces seem larger.

The benefits of using Caledonian Stone’s Porcelain tiling inside and out

  • Stain-resistant:

Porcelain tiles from Caledonian Stone are resistant to staining, making them the obvious choice for open-plan kitchen and dining areas.

  • Fade-resistant:

Because our porcelain tiling does not fade in the sun, the exterior tiles will still match the interior flooring in years to come.

  • Wide variety of colour/design choices:

Coordinating exterior and interior tiling is available from Caledonian Style in a wide variety of colour and pattern choices, so you can offer a good selection to your clients.

  • Hard-wearing:

The heavy-duty nature of Caledonian Stone’s porcelain tiling makes it the perfect material for indoors and outside. In the house, it can stand up to furniture moves, drops, spills and heavy traffic. Outside it is strong enough to withstand garden furniture, ornaments and planters.

  • Slip resistance:

The finish for interior and exterior tiles can be different – for instance we have R9 and R10 tiles that have a softer finish for use indoors, while the corresponding exterior tiles will have an R11 to R12 finish for a better anti-slip surface for external use. They will still coordinate beautifully, but offer the most suitable surface for each area.

  • Thickness variation:

Some of our collections include indoor and outdoor tiles of the same thickness while others have a thicker tile for external use.

  • Perfect for all sizes:

A courtyard garden can appear bigger when the flooring flows from inside to outside. For larger areas, our porcelain tiling comes in larger tiles sizes, for easier application.

  • Continuity:

Using the same tile design inside and out offers a continuity that is not available with any other type of flooring.

  • Consistency:

Because Caledonian Stone indoor outdoor porcelain tiles are man made, they provide a level of consistency not available in natural stone, providing a faultless finish both inside and out.


Now that you know the reasons to choose porcelain paving for your landscape project, why don’t you get in touch with the experts at Caledonian Stone? 

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