PaveCare Porcelain Paving Cleaner

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Porcelain Paving Cleaner is a cleaning concentrate specifically developed for cleaning porcelain paving.

  • Suitable for removing oil, grease, rubber marks, mould, mildew, algae and general dirt.
  • Suitable for internal and external use on porcelain tiles.
  • Creates an invisible and long lasting barrier against dirt.


A high quality solvent based surface sealer based on acrylic resins, Suitable for internal and external use. It is an impregnating and non-degrading sealer with a matt finish which enhances the colour of natural stone and concrete paving.


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Sub Base

Compacted DPt (MOT) Type 1. Minimum 100mm for patios. Unless ground conditions require extra stabilisation.

Installation Method

Bedded on to full bed of wet mix 5:1 sharp sand: cement mortar


Essential – to be painted on back of slabs as per instructions with primer.


Porcelain Diamond blade for Wet bench saw or electric grinder. We do not recommend petrol saws due to vibration on the engine which can cause tile breakages.

Joint Width

Minimum 5mm – for Brush in Resin
Minimum 3mm – for Porcelain grout

Additional information



Suitable for:
1. Dilute 1 part ProJoint Porcelain Cleaner concentrate with 5 parts warm water depending on the severity of soilage. (Can be applied neat for stubborn stains.) 2. Apply to paving area and agitate stubborn stain with a brush or sponge. 3. Ensure all residues are removed with plenty of cold water. IMPORTANT: Ensure the product is not allowed to dry on treated surfaces. Do not use around fish ponds or aquariums. Do not allow the cleaner to run off to enter any drains or watercourses. Wash hands and exposed skin after use
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