Cost vs quality: We resolve interior designers’ eternal conundrum

Cost vs quality: We resolve interior designers’ eternal conundrum

Cost versus quality, it’s that age-old dilemma that most interior designers have to contend with on an almost daily basis. Do you choose your materials based on the price and the fact they’ll fit your budget? Or do you go for a particular tile because it’s going to guarantee quality (even though it’s most probably going to come at a price).

We’ve been working with interior designers for almost two decades, helping them realise their design vision with our extensive range of tiles and natural stone products, and it’s a conundrum that we’re more than familiar with.

If you’re looking for tiles that constitute quality, then chances are you want them to tick most (if not all of these boxes):

  • Tile texture
  • Slip resistance
  • Larger size
  • Technical strength data and specific compounds
  • No repeated pattern (for porcelain tiles)
  • Beautiful look and finish


But here’s the thing, it’s factors like these that tend to drive up costs for a variety of reasons. Larger tile sizes obviously come with a higher price tag, while stronger tiles tend to be more expensive because they are made from more durable materials. What’s more, some natural stones tend to be harder to cut out of the ground, and tiles that incorporate special properties, for instance, textured and anti slip tiles also tend to be more expensive.

However, despite these factors, there are still ways in which interior designers can (and in our experience often do) reduce their costs and achieve quality.

Working with a supplier who works consultatively with you, can save you money in the long-run and maintain quality. That’s because you spend less time going from showroom-to-showroom looking for tiles and more time finalising the right tile for the job. For instance, does your supplier take the time to advise you on the right product for the job, which, in turn, will help reduce wastage and save money? Or, if you prefer to find the right tile yourself, is there a tile finder tool you can use on their website? Are all of their products tested for slip resistance and have they been strength tested, as standard?

While they may only seem like small pointers individually, collectively, they can help you deliver your project within budget, plus go some way towards helping you tackle that eternal conundrum of cost versus quality.

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