Case Study Description

    This project, located in the grounds of the Royal Balmoral Estate in the Cairngorms National Park, Aberdeenshire required special attention.

    This extension to an established property doubled the size of the home, yet had to look as if it was part of the original building.

    To achieve the desired outcome, we analysed the property and developed a selection of granite blocks to match the established natural face random granite building. The blocks were then cut and arranged by the masons on site.

    Granites: Balmoral Silver, Mid Grey, Buchan Pink, Crown Red and Sunrise Yellow

    – Random colour natural face walling blocks
    – Quions: Natural finish Balmoral Silver with bush hammered margins.
    – Sills, lintels & jambs: bush hammered Balmoral Silver

    The result is a very convincing match to the original building that will weather with time to even better blend with the established surrounds.

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